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2014 Contestants

Check out the 2014 MRU Contestants! on the Contestants page.

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Chenae Shiner Crowned MRU 2012

A new Miss Rodeo Utah was crowned during the final performance of the 2012 Ogden Pioneer Days rodeo. In front of a cheering, sold-out crowd, Chenae Shiner, 22, the daughter of Shaune and Michelle Shiner, had the golden tiara placed on her hat by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert.

Shiner, who hails from Roosevelt, captured four of the six categories of the weeklong pageant, which is held annually as part of OgdenPioneer Days.  The panel of judges awarded Shiner the photogenic, public speaking, personality and appearance awards.  This is Shiner’s third year at the Miss Rodeo Utah pageant.  She was first runner-up to Miss Rodeo Utah in both 2010 and 2011.

“All my life I have grown up emulating and admiring the women who have worn the Miss Rodeo Utah crown. For me, Miss Rodeo Utah is a woman who embraces the western lifestyle, holds strong to her values, is a role model for younger generations, and knows the importance of family and faith,” says Shiner. “These are qualities I have always strived to uphold both inside and outside the arena.  Traveling across the country as a competitor and an ambassador for the sport of rodeo, good people everywhere have inspired me with their passion for our heritage and for oursport.  To share this passion as Miss Rodeo Utah is my greatest honor.”

Shiner, who plans to attend Weber State University, is a graduate of Union High School.  She wants to attend WSU’s radiology program and complete a specialty in CT/MRI.

Shiner, a former National High School Rodeo Queen who carried sponsor flags at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, travels the road as a WPRA barrel racer. She enjoys working with young riders, helping on the family ranch, hiking, biking and anything that keeps her outdoors.

Makenzie Maughan, a student at Weber State University, won first-runner up and the horsemanship and written-test categories.  Maughan, 20, Hooper, is the daughter of Rod and Mindy Maughan.

Second runner-up is Bailey Jo Woolsey, 18, Morgan.  She is the daughter of Jared and Lisa Woolsey.  Third runner-up is Brandy Mortensen, 22, Springville, the daughter of Preston and Collette Mortensen, and fourth runner-up is Morgan Bo Blackhurst, 21, Hoytsville, the daughter of Aaron Blackhurst and Kelli McDonald.

Shayla Summarell, 20, Neola, the daughter of Joe and Terry Summarell and the late Shirley Summarell, was honored with the congeniality award, voted by the other contestants as the friendlies at the pageant.

Shiner will represent Utah at the Miss Rodeo America pageant in November in Las Vegas. The pageant is held in conjunction with the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

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About Miss Rodeo America

Wow, how time flies! I can hardly believe that it has been a month since I was in Vegas at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant! As much as I would like to make excuses as to why I haven’t updated everyone about the details of the pageant…..the truth is I have simply been enjoying this wonderful Utah weather. I’ve had some close calls while learning how to drive a snowmobile, learned what a “scorpion” fall in snowboarding is (consider yourself lucky if you have never landed in this position!). I am also the victor of “the snowball fight, to end all snowball fights.” Oh ya…. I went back to work as well; I have to say, that was tough!
But I’m sure you would rather hear about the pageant….

There are no dull moments in my life, and the eventful week in Vegas began a little early in nearby Salt Lake. The games began as soon as I met up with Suzie in the airport. We went to get my boarding pass together only to find out that my driver’s license wasn’t valid in their system. I was slightly panicked because by this time by parents were in southern Utah and I had nothing else with me, I shrugged my shoulders and exclaimed jokingly, “Well…. Guess I’m not going!” That idea only lasted about a half a second in Suzie’s mind as she authoritatively requested the problem be solved. Our next stop was the security line. Suzie and I both teased that the other would be the one to go through the “upgraded” system. Her theory was that I draw so much attention to myself that they would have to pick me, and I teased that I was the decoy and they would go for the chaperone. Well it’s a good thing there wasn’t any money on the line because I am now a proud survivor of the TSA’s full body scan. Although, I think the TSA might be more impressed that they survived my four totes of crown, belt, jacket, boots, jewelry, etc.

My week in Vegas was long, memorable, and honestly kind of blurred. There was so much going on in such a short amount of time that I really don’t think I took it all in! However, my favorite moments and people will stick with me forever. For instance, my roommate Celesta and I had a great time together. I have to admit that we got off to a rough start. We both had some misconceptions about each other that made the first three days of the pageant rocky to say the least. I laugh at what I would consider the defining moment between us. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when I heard this outrageous crash and then I heard Celesta scream. She started pounding on the door and all she said was, “Martina, I didn’t do it!” Both curious and concerned, I opened the door to find my clothing rack had toppled over onto my bed scattering clothes everywhere! We laughed and tugged on it trying to stand it up; from that point on Celesta was a great friend and mentor. I loved hearing about her life and her advice to me.
I think the best part of the pageant for me was reuniting with some of the girls that I had met and getting to know the rest. We spent most of our time practicing the dances for Fashion Show and Coronation. (Yep, you heard me they gave me hours upon hours to learn those dances and I still couldn’t do it! We all have our weak points!) Dance practice is definitely where everyone’s personalities shown the best! Plus, when everyone is running a little low on sleep, everything is extra funny! I adore those amazing ladies and the uniqueness they each showed. I am so grateful for the love that was shared with me from friends both old and new!

As I look back at my experience competing in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, I can’t help but have mixed emotions. I’m grateful to have competed, to have met so many beautiful girls, and that I was able to learn so much about myself while I was there. My final conclusion about my week of competition is that God has a plan for each of us. I know that week will always be a defining moment in my life; however, I also know it won’t be the only defining moment. I am looking forward to my upcoming “Big Events,” both related to rodeo and personal and I can’t wait to continue sharing these moments with you as Miss Rodeo Utah!

Next stop Denver, Colorado!

With much love and God bless,


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Miss Rodeo Utah 2010

Miss Rodeo Utah for 2010 is Martina Wardle! She is the 20 year old daughter of Mitch and DeAnna Wardle from Lehi, Utah.

1st Attendant: Chenae Shiner

2nd Attendant: Jackie McMullin

3rd Attendant: Jamie Udell

4th Attendant: Karianne Berry

Miss Congeniality: Ashley Mortensen

Photogenics: Chenae Shiner

Public Speaking: Chenae Shiner

Appearance: Chenae Shiner

Personality: Martina Wardle

Horsemanship: Martina Wardle

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Miss Rodeo Utah Horsemanship Interview

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Miss Rodeo Utah Speeches

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Miss Rodeo Utah Pageant Orientation

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Strawberry Days Parade and Rodeo

This morning I went to the Strawberry Days parade and had time to hit the mall and have a rest before the evening rodeo.

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Miss Rodeo Nebraska Speech and Teen Coronation

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast while we watched the Miss Rodeo Nebraska contestant speeches and the Miss Rodeo Teen Nebraska Coronation. The 2011 Teen Miss Rodeo Nebraska is Shelby Peters.

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Miss Rodeo Nebraska Fashion Show

All of the visiting state queens were able to participate in the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Fashion Show. We each modeled a leather fashion dress and were able to carry our state flags while we each showed off our chaps.

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