2017 Miss Rodeo Utah Contestants

Kassadeee Jo Jones Headshot


Age: 18
Hometown: Lehi
Parents:  Darin and Kellie Jo Jones
Education: Kassadee is a graduate of Lehi High and plans to attend Utah Valley University to pursue a degree in communications.
Background: Kassadee preserves her western heritage by teaching others to swing dance. She enjoys making cupcakes with her sister for a growing business, affectionately called Cupcake Queens. She is an avid photographer and loves capturing the moments in life that make people happy.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “There are over 30 state rodeo queen titles and over 5,000 local titles in America. With that statistic in mind the question is posed: ‘What makes Miss Rodeo Utah so special?’ The reason I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah is to prove to communities across Utah that a rodeo queen is more than just a pretty face. Utah’s nickname — the Beehive State — is perhaps the best description of what sets it apart. It signifies the hard work and unity of its citizens. Utah is a ‘people state’ that focuses on strengthening the relationship and harmony of all that resides within its borders. Rodeo is a sport that unites people and communities by building traditions and celebrating our western heritage. Coming from the small town of Lehi, tradition is something I hold close to be my heart. I have seen firsthand the ability of my town rodeo to bind families together by instating traditions that all can enjoy. I want to follow in the footsteps of former Miss Rodeo Utahs who have continually built upon the tradition that rodeo is, and who have become ambassadors. No matter how many aren as I may ride in or how many little girls may ask for my autograph, I hope that I will always be able to showcase that rodeo is more than just a sport; it is a tradition, and that above all, people matter, which is what MissRodeo Utah truly exemplifies.”

Shianne Lowe MRO 1st Attendant


Age: 23
Hometown: West Haven
Parents: Davey and Lyndi Lowe
Education:  Shianne, an alumnus of Fremont High School, also has graduated from the cosmetology program at the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. She currently is a student at Weber State University, studying professional sales with an emphasis in fashion. She aims to combine her passions of fashion and the western lifestyle, and hopes to pursue a career with Wrangler as a sales associate.
Background: Shianne enjoys being creative and designing new fashion pieces, trap shooting, helping youth raise and show 4-H livestock, preparing future rodeo queens, learning to play the ukulele, team roping, barrel racing, supporting the Utah Jazz, spending time with her family and friends, skiing the greatest snow on earth, traveling down the rodeo trail or simply swinging ropes in the backyard.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah:Walt Disney once said, ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it.’ An important life lesson I have learned is success comes from perseverance. I am believer in the importance of having faith, strong family values, participating in hard work, and dedication. These ideal attributes come from generations of ancestors who believed in tenacity and endurance. I am proud to say I have had the privilege of growing up in the Beehive State, being surrounded by a strong western heritage and a supportive ‘Rodeo Family’ who have shown me what true sportsmanship is. It would be an honor to follow the path of women before me who have worn the prestigious Miss Rodeo Utah crown. The image of the title exemplifies the modern cowgirl and inspires grace, dignity, and leadership. She makes a difference in how spectators view the rodeo industry and leaves a positive impact on those who surround her. Determination will always be a framework of my life. It would be an honor to represent the true values of a cowgirl and continue on in the tradition of rodeo.”

Bailee Sage Noble


Age: 19
Hometown: Hyrum
Parents: Keith Noble and Eddie and Mindie Berntsen
Education:Bailee graduated from Mountain Crest High School and plans to attend Utah State University. She also earned a professional license in cosmetology at New Horizon Beauty College. 
Background: Growing up in northern Utah has allowed Bailee to explore the wonderful outdoors. She enjoys camping, hiking, hunting and fishing with her family and friends. In addition, the tranquility of the Cache Valley inspired a love for animals, especially horses. Bailee finds a sense of peace and inner strength while riding and caring for her horses. 
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “Miss Rodeo Utah has built a strong and enduring legacy. Her beauty is stunning as she travels to promote our Utah heritage and the lifestyle we all hold dear. I am proud of what Miss Rodeo Utah stands for. Her grace is strong, confident and warming as she represents this great state and with it this state’s great values. Our Utah way of life represents tradition, family values and defending what you believe in. I have gained a great love and respect for the people that represent the sport of rodeo and our western heritage. I have a passion for this sport and love being its champion and ambassador. I am thankful to have grown up in this wonderful state. It has supported my growth and development and instilled a dedication to hard work and never giving up my dreams. As I strive to live each day with gratitude of heart, I would be honored to represent and continue the legacy of Miss Rodeo Utah — making my dreams a reality.”

Carly Peercy MRO 2nd Attendant


Age: 23
Hometown: South Jordan
Parents: Curtis and Lana Peercy
Education: Carly is a graduate of Kearns High School and attends Weber State University, pursuing a business administration degree with an emphasis in communications and public relations.
Background: Outside of the arena, Carly loves to snowboard on the greatest snow on Earth, teach Zumba, water ski, spend time on the back of a horse and make memories with friends and family. Carly is fearless in the pursuit of her goals and is a person who believes that anything is possible with faith, determination and a willingness to never give up. She enjoys interacting with younger generations, teaching horse-riding lessons, visiting elementary schools, mentoring up-and-coming rodeo queens or simply being a positive role model to those around me.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “I remember my first Ogden Pioneer Days rodeo. As the American flag flew around the arena being carried by Miss Rodeo Utah, it was famed by the sunset and the beautiful mountains behind her. Right then and there I felt Ogden Pioneer Days was a place of dreams. From that day, my dream has been to become Miss Rodeo Utah and to help support the legacy of this amazing sport, state and industry. I have admired the charm, grace and authenticity of the women who have worn the crown before me. In them I have seen dreams achieved. I know that dreams do not come easily and have spent many years working toward preparing myself to serve as the first lady of rodeo in Utah. I would be honored to represent a state that symbolizes everything I believe in. Utah is a state of hard work, unity, pride — and much, much more. As Miss Rodeo Utah, I plan to put my talents and energy toward educating the public about rodeo, agriculture, and reaching for their dreams. It is my hope that through sharing my experiences and living life as an example to others, I will be able to leave a lasting impact in the Beehive State.”

Taylor Preece


Age: 18
Hometown: Plain City
Parents: Clayton and Carrie Preece
Education: Taylor is a graduate of Fremont High School.
Background: Taylor was active in the Future Farmers of America and earned her green-hand award. She also was a part of the first Utah FFA state choir.  In addition, Taylor, who has a career goal of becoming an orthodontist, hunts mountain lion and bear with her family.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: I have always dreamed of riding around the edge of the arena, waving to the crowd and representing the greatest sport on dirt for the state I love — Utah!  For me, there is no better feeling than being able to inform people and give them a better understanding about rodeos and the agricultural way of life.  I hope to one day hold this prestigious honor and help others understand more about this sport and the state that I call home.”  

McKaylie Richins_ Miss Rodeo Ogden


Age: 19
Hometown: Coalville
Parents: Jeff and Lisa Richins
Education: McKaylie a graduate of North Summit High School and attends Weber State University. She is pursuing a degree in marketing and sales.
Background: McKaylie has been heavily involved in the Utah Future Farmers of America program, both in competition and leadership roles. On a state level, she has competed on the Parliamentary Procedure Team, Horse Judging Team, and Marketing Plan Team. She also had the opportunity to compete at the national FFA convention. In addition, she was a member of the winning Utah 4-H horse-judging team and competed at nationals at the Denver Stock Show. She also enjoys time with her family, hunting, fishing, camping, finding great sales, and spending time with her nieces.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “Ever since my first rodeo queen contest at 8 years old I knew I wanted to represent the greatest sport on dirt!  Growing up around rodeo and the western way of life has thankfully shaped me into the young woman I am today. For the past 10 years, I have prepared and served food at the hospitality cabin and I have witnessed the strong women who have become Miss Rodeo Utah. Rodeo is famously known for the values set by competitors and ambassadors. The western heritage has instilled in me lifelong values such as passion, hard work, determination, discipline, integrity and the love I have for family and country.  I want do so something that truly matters and instill those same values into the lives that faithfully support the sport of rodeo. I would love to serve as an ambassador to this great rodeo state and celebrate our pioneer heritage by learning and teaching new things, serving others, building relationships and memories and, most importantly, keeping this prestigious western heritage alive by giving back to what Utah and rodeo has generously given me.  Serving as an ambassador for rodeo as Miss Rodeo Utah would be an honor and a dream come true.”   




Age: 23
Hometown: Farmington
Parents: Douglas and Jannett Scadden  
Education: Jayna is a graduate of Viewmont High School and attended LDS Business College.  She plans to pursue a degree in nursing from Weber State University.  
Background: Jayna enjoys riding bareback and bridle-less, roping, hiking in Utah’s various national and state parks, playing in doubles volleyball tournaments, playing pickleball, boating and writing poetry. She has played the piano since was 8 years old, and has a passion for teaching horseback riding lessons.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “When I look at Miss Rodeo Utah, I don’t just see a polished queen in Wrangler jeans. I see a woman who commands a room, speaks from her heart, stands for what is right, and lives a life worth emulating.  Being a rodeo queen is far more than smiling for cameras and waving in parades.  The buckles will tarnish, the sashes will fade, but the impact a queen makes can last forever. Most people will forget what we do in life, but they will never forget how we make them feel. It is the feelings instilled in me from cowboys, cowgirls, and one very special horse, who have inspired me to chase my dream, that have gotten me here today. If the only prize given to Miss Rodeo Utah were the opportunity to get mud on her boots by serving the rodeo community, I would still be here. Crown or no crown, I take very seriously the opportunity to affect lives and influence people. I am here to give all the glory to God and show my gratitude for the generations of hard-working individuals and families that bring about our western way of life, be it the legends of yesterday, the stars of today the hopefuls of tomorrow, and our faithful fans. As Miss Rodeo Utah, I would be the ‘face’ of rodeo, but I know that the heart of rodeo is in the people and animals who make it possible. I am following in the footsteps of the best cowboys and cowgirls around, and in doing so, set an example for those who look to me as their leader and friend.  I am here to represent the timeless tradition of rodeo and to be the kind of person you would be proud to call your Miss Rodeo Utah.”

Savannah Steed 9396


Age: 21
Hometown: Ogden
Parents: Gary and Kim Steed  
Education: Savanna is a graduate of Fremont High School. She has received a bachelor’s degree in communicative disorders in deaf education and a minor in Family Consumer and Human Development.  She has special training in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and is employed as a behavioral therapist at The Early Autism Project.   
Background: Savanna enjoys spending time at her family’s cabin, fishing, and attending the Mountain Man Rendezvous. She also likes shopping for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She raises and shows livestock on a local and national level, and in her spare time works with intellectually disabled youth in the Aggies’ Elevated Program at Utah State University. She also mentors aspiring rodeo queens and goat tyers. 
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “When I was 10 years old I was asked in a Standard-Examiner interview why I wanted to be Miss Rodeo Utah.  My response: “So I can drag that fancy horse trailer around.”  Well, since those precious wild dreams of my youth, I have certainly learned a lot.  While my passion for rodeo queening has not changed, my purpose for wanting to be Miss Rodeo Utah has. Rodeo queening has taught me many important lessons, from horse etiquette to successful communication strategies.  Through rodeo queening, I have grown into a successfully communicating, service-loving, contributing member of society.  Still the single most important thing that this industry has taught me is mistakes and disappointment are not only inevitable but also a necessary part of the growing process.  I have landed shy of my goals numerous times on my journey to becoming Miss Rodeo Utah.  However, each setback created an environment facilitating my personal growth and a tremendous lesson was learned. As Miss Rodeo Utah, I would strive to be an example of the value of learning and growing in all circumstances.  I want to teach young and old alike that there is dignity in taking risks to reach your goals.  After all, that is when positive growth occurs.  I want to help people be passionate about reaching their goals and seeing their personal growth.  It would give me a great honor to represent the wonderful State of Utah, while promoting the western lifestyle around the country and being a testament to the phrase:  ‘There are no mistakes only lessons learned.”

Jerrica James



Age: 19
Hometown: Mendon
Parents: Martin and Leslie James 
Education: Jerrica is a graduate of Mountain Crest High School and is pursuing a degree in communication at Utah Valley University.
Background: Jerrica enjoys riding her horses, be it on the trail or in the reining arena. She loves camping, fishing, being outdoors, shooting archery, sewing with her grandma, and spending time with her family.
Why I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah: “I started showing horses in 4-H when I was old enough. Through 4-H I was able to meet some people who later became my best friends. That next year, my new best friend who was a rodeo queen at the time helped me try out for my first rodeo queen contest.  I loved getting to meet new people, spend more time with my friends and horse, and of course, like most, the little girls. I loved getting dressed up. I would watch all of the older rodeo queens and wanted to be just like them. As I got older I learned that there was a lot more to queening than getting dressed up. I worked to become the role model that I had looked up to for so many years. I want to continue being a role model for everyone around me, and even more I want to represent the sport of rodeo. Through the title of Miss Rodeo Utah, I would hope to share the joy that horses and rodeo have brought to my life. I would hope to encourage the next generation of rodeo champions to work hard to achieve their goals and to never give up.”